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Our technology platform that supports pipeline and portfolio management, and provides for data storage, data analytics, and reporting mechanisms.

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Villgro Information Tracking And Learning System (VITALS)

Our business acumen has been translated into VITALS – a technology platform that captures and tracks the incubation process and integrates the data in a single place and provides the requisite tools to analyse and share data in a meaningful manner.

The system enables the incubator to track progression right from the time an enterprise applies for incubation until the time the enterprise, as an incubatee, exits from the incubation programme.

Benefits of VITALS to the Incubator

Provides data-driven incubation to early stage start-ups


Enables faster and evidence-based decisions due to its sophisticated monitoring & evaluation mechanisms

Provides data to evaluate impact on beneficiaries


Access to a centralized and systematic knowledge system for key stakeholders/ investors

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Generation of insights, analysis and most importantly – actionable reports for better incubation


Easy access to past records, enabling analysis that support the organisational strategy and future planning

With minor customizations to suit your organisations work processes, VITALS can be set up in a short period of time for organisations looking to streamline their incubation processes.

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VITALS is a powerful tool that helps us manage and streamline our incubation and investment activities efficiently. It elevates our performance as a team as we now have a common understanding and visibility on our support to entrepreneurs. The clarity it brings is unmatched and puts it above any other tool that is out there.

Priya Thachadi,

CEO Villgro Philippines