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Villgro USA Annual Report 2021

In 2021, Villgro USA focused on building a global network of social enterprise incubators and helping incubators succeed and scale. We made our knowledge resources available online through the Villgro Knowledge Hub so that incubators across geographies and time zones could benefit from it. We also mentored and trained incubators under our incubation training program and organised monthly peer-learning sessions for the incubator community.  


Social Innovation in the USA: A Landscape Analysis of Social Enterprise Incubators

This research report provides a landscape analysis of social enterprise incubators in the United States. The report identified the following overarching trends in the United States’ social innovation sector:

1. Lack of alignment in sector identity, 

2. Challenges with funding and organizational capacity, and 

3. Need for productive networking and collaboration amongst sector stakeholders.

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