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We help existing as well as new incubators establish, manage and grow a successful social enterprise incubation program.


We offer a three-month intensive incubation training to incubators under the "Incubating Incubators" program. This training program focuses on the development of the incubation model through capacity building incubation training, one-on-one mentoring, Diagnostic Panel solutioning, and peer learning sessions.

The participating incubators go on to become members of the Villgro Impact Network and gain exclusive access to the post program member-only peer learning sessions, forums to connect with other network members and explore partnership opportunities for joint funding and incubation.


Our business acumen has been translated to IMS (Incubation Monitoring System), a technology solution that captures and tracks the incubation process and integrates the data in a single place and provides the requisite tools to analyze and share data in a meaningful manner. We offer customized installation of VITALS for incubators that wish to implement this incubation management system.

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Being part of the Villgro Global network, we have gotten more than we bargained for. Villgro has been a trusted partner and 'an elder brother' since inception. They have generously shared their time, resources, knowhow, tools & templates that allowed us to leapfrog the steep learning curve of setting up an incubator. This win-win partnership ensured that we focus on the core (adding value to enterprises) allowing us to achieve substantial strides in under 5 years including a continent wide expansion across Africa.

Wilfred Njagi,

CEO Villgro Africa

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